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Letters from the ❤️: February 2024

Letters from the ❤️: February 2024

| February 06, 2024

When I think about my greatest asset, what comes to mind is not my favorite stock, bond, or a mutual fund, but my husband, Alex. Over the past 20+ years we’ve raised three kids, created a couple of businesses, built a solid portfolio, learned hard lessons, and had some fun along the way. None of this would have been possible if we didn’t have the glue that held us together. Coming from Soviet Russia we both appreciated the freedom and fertile opportunity of the American soil. My husband was more entrepreneurial and risk-taking, and I needed more research and due diligence. Together we made a great team.


As a financial professional, I believe that the best investment is for yourself and your loved ones. Sometimes we worry about how the market or economy can affect our net worth, but I’ve seen more nest eggs destroyed in a divorce. It’s not just market fluctuation, it’s a permanent damage to our hearts and net worth.


If you are in a relationship, my wish for you is to use this Valentine's season to beef up your partnership, to celebrate your wins, and to think: what would elevate your union further? Being on the same page about financial goals and deciding how our hard-earned resources are invested and spent is one key to a successful relationship. So how do you get there?


I believe in regular and compassionate discussions. It’s like showering or dental cleanings – no matter how nice we feel afterward it needs to be done again and again. It’s important to understand, respect, and appreciate our differences. That’s what makes us stronger as a team. When we get stuck, we invite feedback and advice from our financial advisor. Sometimes, even advisors benefit from a fresh look from an unbiased party. 😊


For effective discussions, it’s helpful to invest some time and money in getting away from our regular routine, even if for just a few hours. It allows time to gaze into each other’s eyes, to connect to this precious human who we decided to share our life with.


I also believe in learning and having fun, so I put together some resources for you:


Ester Perel has two illuminating books, many TED talks, and courses on the subject of marriage and relationships.


Gottman institute is the treasure chest of resources on relationships.


Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly explains why you chose your partner.


Funny, but deeply educational relationship videos by Jimmy, who is not a real counselor, show examples of couple’s communications from dysfunctional place and then how couples could communicate from a place of emotional maturity. He can be found on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.


Vertellis game for couples is a great tool to use on a date to make your conversation flow. It’s no longer available on Amazon, but you can find it here.


BestSelf Relationship Deck for couples is available on Amazon and will help you have more meaningful, deeper conversations. You are guaranteed to learn something new about this cool person you’ve known forever.


Date Night Ideas scratch-off card game is sure to elevate your time with your spouse.


Cozy & Quiet restaurants in the Denver area to play all these card games:

Steak 10 

Café Prague 

Table 6


Date night in movies:

Couples Retreat: Included with Amazon Prime

50 First Dates: Included with Prime, Youtube and Hulu

The Wedding Singer


I hope one of these resources will make your Valentine’s day/week/month/year more fun and enriching.


Thank you for reading!